Madison Cawthorn

Regarding “Most of NC’s congressional delegation has been vaccinated. But there are holdouts.,” (March 19)

Rep. Madison Cawthorn has refused to get the COVID vaccine and in December said, “The survival rate is too high for me to want it.”

True, but the point of getting the vaccine is to protect those around us. Cawthorn is not likely to die of COVID, but could spread it to someone who will.

Is he reluctant to put the needs of the community ahead of his convenience?

Maybe, but at one point in his life he was ready to join the military. One must wonder if this isn’t just a cynical stance to increase his standing with the MAGA bunch. “Sad,” to quote a former defeated president.

Glenn Baron, Waxhaw

Biden, the vaccine

As President Biden does his victory lap, he should be sure to give the previous administration credit for making sure he reached his goal for vaccinations. I’m glad it allowed Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to get their vaccines last year and get things moving for this nation’s good.

C. H. Hendricks, Charlotte

The vaccine chase

Vaccine appointments? Ha! I haven’t found one any place nearby. Atrium? Book. Novant? First available is in June. Chasing other apps and websites like Walgreens, CVS — booked, too.

Everywhere, there is no joy. Just a headache from being online.

I see a lung doctor multiple times a year. Why can’t my doctor get me a vaccine? That’s his job, isn’t it?

Why do I have chase down a vaccine appointment?

We need to get the doctors more involved; have an appointment for anything, it takes virtually no additional time to get a shot.

We need a broader distribution plan.

Bob Pisano, Indian Trial

Bob Pisano

US hypocrisy

Regarding “The deadly Atlanta shooting: guns, racism and misogyny,” (March 20 Opinion):

This March 20 L.A. Times editorial was a powerful indictment of the ills currently facing America.

As I watched the interaction between the U.S. and China last week, I could not help wondering what right we have to challenge another country’s human rights abuses or democracy when we just cannot get our own house in order.

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The combination of guns, misogyny, racism and ongoing attempts to suppress voting rights certainly portrays us in a very bad light to the rest of the world.

Before we lecture others, we have a lot of work to do right in our own country.

Nancy Probst, Davidson

Mark Robinson

As a public school parent and grandparent, I am writing today in support of educators. It is vitally important to me that professional educators be relied upon to choose both content and methods of instruction for our children.

It is equally important to me that we as a society continue to reflect upon and learn from our complex and often tragic history. This means getting comfortable with discomfort and learning to think critically using the actual facts of history.

I wholeheartedly reject Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s efforts to root out what he sees as “indoctrination.” The hypocrisy here could not be more evident. Robinson could certainly make better use of his time.

Leigh Coulter, Stallings

Deb Haaland

It is an understatement to say that confirmation of U.S. Rep. Deb Haaland to head the Interior Department is timely and well-deserved.

This well-qualified indigenous woman seems to be totally committed to doing everything within her power to protect our outdoors from callous and ambitious opportunists determined to compromise it for financial gain.

It’s also hopeful that Haaland’s position and influence will compel her to assist in mitigating the historical infighting among American Indian tribes across the Tar Heel state. Now that would be something to really celebrate.

Ray Brayboy, Myrtle Beach

Ray Brayboy

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